Nel Stubbs

Nel knows that airplanes are fun.

Nothing beats the thrill of ownership, the freedom to go point to point. Better yet the comfort of knowing you just made the smartest jet, helicopter or turboprop acquisition ever.

Don’t get her wrong… she cares about your feelings, but she’s more worried about your wallet. With over 30 years of advocating, auditing, analyzing, planning and structuring, Nel is your ticket to surprise free aircraft ownership, operation and in some cases revenue.

A short and non-complete list of her extensive resume:

  • Federal Tax Planning for aircraft ownership and operations
  • State and Local Tax planning of aircraft purchases, ownership and operations
  • Cost and Financial Analysis of various forms of aircraft operations
  • Personal Use/Entertainment Use Tax Planning
  • State & Federal Tax Audits
  • Application of Federal Aviation Regulations to aircraft ownership
  • United States Taxes Affecting Helicopter Operations
  • Expert Testimony relating to Federal & State taxes on aircraft operations
  • General Aviation advocate before the IRS & State Departments of Revenue or Tax
  • Frequent speaker at numerous aviation events regarding tax, cost and finance issues affecting business aviation
  • Developed and currently maintains the Conklin & de Decker State Tax Guide for General Aviation